Incident 80/2005

Having initially passed the GMP call onto our colleagues in RPMRT around 04.45 in the morning, as it was their teams operational area, they in turn reqeusted our assistance later in the morning, ( well not that much later, they phoned at 06.30 ish ), in the search for a missing 15 year old girl, who had dissappeared on a camping trip with friends, at Burrs Country Park, Bury. With a nearby river, concern for the missing girl was growing as daylight dawned. 5x Bolton MRT members were available for immediate assistance to RPMRT, when they were stood down as the immediate search area taskings had drawn a blank.

Very shortly afterwards, in the morning the young girl was located in Bury town centre, apparently unaware of the huge GMP and MRT search taking place to find her.