Incident 81/2005

At 20.26 we were called out by GMAS, to assist them at Prestwich Forest Park with an unconcious male, located at some distance from the nearest road point. The male casualty had initially been discovered by chance by an of duty Police Officer cycling in the area, who rendered immediate aid and contacted the emergency services. 22 team members responded, to join Police Officers, A GMAS crew from Salford and a GMAS RV from Whitefield, all called to this incident. The male involved had a seious head injury and hypothermia, and was semi-concious by the time our first team members arrived at the scene to assist the Paramedics already rendering assistance.

The casualty is carried out on the Bell MR Stretcher.

He was placed on a long board, and then carried some distance to the waiting ambulance on our Bell MR Stretcher, with oxygen administered on route.
Our first member was on scene at 20.45, and by 21.45 the casualty was in the GMAS Ambulance for onward transfer to hospital.
This whole operation took place in the dark, and although the area is on the outskirts of Prestwich, it is quite remote.
A small number of team members provided an escort and lighting for Police Offficers called to investigate this incident.