Incident 89/2005

At 17:08 the team was paged by GMAS Control for assistance with a 15 year old female who had fallen from a rope swing in the steep ravine of Unity Brook, Kearsley. A very fast team response was made with our Team Leader arriving first on scene at 17:25, to be met by one of the four responding ambulance staff (in two ambulances), who just happened to also be a member of our Support Group.

With all four team vehicles, and many members on scene by 17:36, a fast stretcher party was despatched to meet the ambulance crews at the incident site. The teenager involved had a serious arm fracture, with GMAS already commencing an evacuation on a long-board. This was transferred onto a Bell Mountain Rescue Stretcher for the onward evacuation to the roadhead, accompanied by friends who had been playing with the girl, as well as both her parents, who had been called to the scene.

The MR stretcher is made ready whilst the casualty has taken a few gulps of Entonox® and is ready to be loaded.

The team carefully secure the casualty onto our Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher, ready for the carry out.

Prior to the team arriving, the girl’s 11 year old brother, who had also suffered an arm injury in the same incident, had already been walked to one of the two responding ambulances. Both casualties were taken to Royal Bolton Hospital for treatment and we wish them both well for a full recovery.

Safely arriving at the roadhead, the casualty is transferred into the waiting GMAS ambulance.