Incident 90/2005

At 14:47, whilst one of our Landrovers with three members on board was parked up at Lower House car park, they were made aware of mountain bike accident which had taken place very close by. The three team members on scene immediately responded and also contacted LAS.

Two other team vehicles in the team area along with a team member mountain biking nearby also responded. The very experienced and very well equipped 47 year old female rider had fallen from her bike whilst out with an organised party of other mountain bikers. She was treated on scene for possible spinal injuries and soft tissue injures to her face and wrist.

Upon arrival of an LAS ambulance called to the scene, team members assisted by friends of the woman involved, and the ambulance crew, and carried out a short stretcher evacuation to the nearby ambulance. All-in-all, a quick incident which was fortunate given our members were immediately on hand.