Firework spectacular!

Well we certainly lit up the moors this evening during our regular Wednesday evening training session.

A search and find exercise, including three groups and four exercise casualties (brave souls out on this wet evening with an even wetter ground to lie on), ended with all four found. This was immediately followed by an exercise firing of a huge batch of distress parachute flares, smoke flares and hand held distress flares.

Three BMRT members bathe the Winter Hill Flats in a red glow…

Fred Taylor, our Training Officer had obtained such for the evening, from his diving contacts, so many in fact that everybody present, including our exercise casualties, got a chance to fire off at least three of each.
Beforehand of course, we had notified both our Police Forces, including their Air Support units, just in case somebody reported what they were seeing as actual distress flares (we didn’t want to create our own false alarm).
Overall a brilliant evening was had, when we truly lit up the area around Winter Hill Flats, where we were holding the exercise.