Catering Trailer Refurbishment

Works are now well in hand with the full external and internal refurbishment of our Catering Trailer. Its now returned from North West Bus and Coach Repairs, ( who did such an excellent job on our new Control Trailer ) fully resplendent in a complete external respray, at present its with Frank Hulton Motor Engineers of Farnworth, having side striping, hazard warning rear stripes and various name decals applied. It will then return to us for a complete internal refit. None of the above would be possible without the kind support of North West Bus and Coach and Frank Hulton.

A very special mention must be made of our very kind supporters Beryl and Jack Hainsby, who in memory of Beryls brother, Geoffrey Clarke, have donated £3000.00 to fund the works on this trailer. As with our new Control Trailer, that was also funded by Beryl and Jack in memory of Geoffrey, and now carries a dedication plaque in his memory, our Catering Trailer once completed, will also be dedicated to Geoffreys memory.