Incident 93/2005

Today whilst in attendance at the Remembrance Sunday Service at Lead Mines Clough, an 83 year old gentleman, present at the service and who had a previous history of angina, collapsed during the Service.He was immediately comforted by on scene Team members, including an A&E Charge Nurse. A GP also rendered immediate assistance. The service carried on whilst Team members went on to administer Aspirin & Oxygen.

Team members assist with the casualty care of todays casulaty.

Other Team members meanwhile assured the gentlemans wife and immediate family, including his grandson that all was okay. LAS control were informed, and the 17 Team members went onto stretcher evacuate the gentleman the half mile to the nearest roadhead, whilst others walked down with his wife and family.

Stretcher evacuation of the casualty, back to the waiting LAS Ambulance.

From all of us in the Team we wish the gentleman a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him at next year’s Service, which we understand will now be organised by a local rambling group.