Joint exercise with Horwich and Westhoughton Round Table

This evening six team members met with members of Horwich and Westhoughton Round Table, to give the Round Table members a short evening’s exercise experience of a moorland search and rescue incident. Conditions were just right, that is darkness, rain and very boggy underfoot on Rivington Moor!
Search Dog Chi also took part, joined by his young partner in crime (relating to nicking dog biscuits from a team member who shall remain nameless) Trainee Search (Tracking) Dog Sniff, with their handler Dave Marsh, as ever disadvantaged by two legs as opposed to his dog’s four legs and considerably more youthful spirit!

Members of the Round Table posed with Dave Marsh and Mark Scott after returning from their night-time moorland exercise.

The evening was a great success, and was well enjoyed by the members of Horwich and Westhoughton Round Table who took part. Of course like a full team exercise, the real debrief took place in the pub afterwards. (Sorry Chi and Sniff – only water for you two!)