Hot Air balloon assistance

The recent spell of clear blue skies and icy conditions seems to have resulted in a number of hot air balloon flights over our team moorland area (and a spectacular sight against the backdrop of some of our sunsets it makes as well). During our new member’s day today, our Team Leader was contacted by the United Utilities Ranger Service for a little help with a hot air balloon which had landed on Rivington Moor, and to which the recovery crew could not gain access via the moorland tracks due to locked gates for which we are a key holder.

Mike Marsh assists the balloon crew with removing the basket off the moorland.

The balloon flight was a birthday treat for one of the passengers, Rachel, the Pilot thought that the road he could see below was an accessible track, how little did they know! It took a short time to locate the balloon as it had been packed away prior to our arrival. Two members helped carry the basket and equipment to their trailer and were very pleasantly surprised to be offered a glass of Champagne for their efforts, which is a ballooning tradition on people’s first flight.

Yes it really all does fit inside that trailer !!!!.