Training Exercise with Bolton CHA members

We exercise every Wednesday evening, usually outdoors and in whatever conditions the weather wants to throw at us.
To add a degree of realism to our training, we rely on exercise casualties, unfamiliar to the team membership to act out the role of the lost and / or injured. Last week it was local Scouts on Cheetham Close, this week it was nine willing members of Bolton CHA Walking Club, who on a night of freezing ground conditions and very poor visibility due to mist, managed to get themselves lost, alongside one fractured ankle and an angina attack just to add to the variety of incidents thrown at us !

Tonights exercise casulaties from Bolton CHA

As usual the team coped well, despite the dark and mist obscuring most landmarks on the slopes of Turton Moor where we were exercising.
The Bolton CHA members found the exercise most interesting, and were fascinated by our Search Dog Chi’s ability to find them on the moor. ( Chi of course had his young apprentice Trainee Search Dog Sniff with him as usual ). They also found our team work and co ordination fascinating to watch. ( not just on the exercise, but also in the Cross Guns afterwards, where queues at the bar proved no obstacle to team members after a post exercise pint ! )