Team Ceilidh

Usually held annually, but actually our 2nd one this year, this evening saw an excellent event, once again organised by team member Alison Yates, held at the great venue of St Mary’s Church Hall, Richmond Street, Horwich.
The music was provided by the Toll Bar Band, and was up to its usually high standards, (thanks to all the lads and lassies in the band, and, of course, the caller) which is something that could not be said about the varying degrees of footwork on display. Our Team Leader proved yet again that his feet usually act in a totally unco-ordinated fashion on the dance floor, but still enjoyed himself !

Team members were joined by ex-team members, (including a certain Gillian Leigh, still as giddy as ever!), partners, family, friends and associates of the team, as well as those who had simply come along in response to our poster appeal advertising the event.
A big thank you to the “Morrissey Clan” (led by ex team member Claire Morrissey) and to the “Taylor Clan” (belonging to Team Training Officer Fred Taylor), who swelled the numbers attending.
A raffle was held with 26 prizes, raising some £129.00. A surprise mystery benefactor on the evening contributed a fantastic anonymous £200.00 donation, which helped considerably towards the room hire, band fee and food costs of the evening.

Combined with our donation and ticket sales, overall a profit was made on the event of £397.00.
Besides the tremendous input into organising this event from team member Alison Yates, thanks are also due to ex-team member Ann Thompson for helping on the door with entrance sales; to our Support Group members for parting those present from their hard earned cash for raffle tickets, and to Chris and Tina Tennant for serving up the pasty and peas. (“You want more!?”)
Next year’s event is already booked, all the same details (venue, band, etc) so put this date in your diary…….Friday November 24th 2006. We hope to see you all there!