Search Dogs in an Airport

Our dog handler, Dave Marsh, and Search Dog Chi as well as trainee Trailing Dog
Sniff, were invited along to the Fire Station at Manchester Airport, for a
search exercise. The visit was arranged by David Watt of Kirkby Stephen MRT,
who brought two of his colleagues along.

Leading Fireman Paul Johnson was our host for the day. He gave several
comprehensive short lectures on the command structure of the Service; safety
in and around the Airport; the many types of calls they get to attend [around
1000/annum] including aircraft/terminal buildings/hotels/petrol stations etc.
Our group took part in searching a pensioned off Trident for persons aboard.

During the course of the afternoon, we again took part in a search ex in an
aircraft body mock up. It was explained that a new mock up aircraft was being
constructed at a cost of £2m. This would represent wide body aircraft such as
the 747 and DC10/MD11 and would be configured with a 767 wing to give maximum
alternative fire fighting opportunities. The main shell would be on three
levels, offering many problems during the course of an exercise.
Thanks go to the Airport Fire Staff for this opportunity in allowing us to
participate freely during the course of the day.