Successful trail exercise with Sniff

Following the helicopter exercise our very experienced Search Dog handler, Dave Marsh carried out a demonstration exercise in the abilities of his trainee Trail Dog, Sniff, in tracking a “missing person”.

The Team members present witnessed Sniff successfully tracking down a young Scout from 25th Bolton Scout Group. The Scout, along with some of his colleagues had previously greatly helped the Team by providing a security watch on our Catering Trailer and vehicles, whilst team members were engaged in the helicopter exercise around the actual aircraft.

Within this trail exercise the Scout concerned had wandered around a large area of open scrubland and trees before going to ground and hiding completely out of sight behind some trees. Sniff went to his task with his nose to the ground and very quickly picked up the young Scout’s trail (which at this stage was over an hour old!) immediately and very impressively direct to the Scout’s hidden location.

Sniff’s training by Dave is coming on in leaps and bounds, and when fully trained Sniff will be a unique and very valuable asset that the Team can offer to those who wish to utilise our services.