Incident 122/2005

Incidents 114 – 122: This evening at the advanced planned request of Greater Manchester Ambulance Service, during an anticipated peak demand period, the Team placed its full assets at the disposal of Greater Manchester Ambulance Service, for assistance with the full range of duties taken by the Ambulance service, for the second night of the festive period. As well as ourselves assets were also declared to GMAS by St John Ambulance Brigade & our colleagues at Oldham MRT.

The Team placed all four vehicles on the road along with appropriately trained crews backed up our own control linked directly to GMAS Paramedic Emergency Control.

14 Team members assembled at our base at Ladybridge at 18.30 Hrs, going on into the following morning finishing at 05:00 Hrs. Up to midnight the Team dealt with 9 seperate calls ranging from urgent intra hospital transfers to code Green and code Amber emergency responses. Brief details of each call can be found on our Incident database listings (Click on Incidents in the banner above)