Milestone in Team History

Incident 126 of 2005 marked a fantastic achievment and milestone in the Teams history, as this was our 1000th Incident to the best of our knowledge and our comprehensive Team incident archive records.

For the record our first search took place on Monday 30th September 1968 (on Kinder Scout, assisting Peak District Teams). Our first search in our own Team area took place on 23rd November 1968, around Upper Rivington Reservoir. Our first Team spot pick up was to a woman with a fractured arm in the Terraced Gardens at Rivington in 1969. The Team first used a helicopter (RAF SAR Whirlwind) in a search for a missing fell runner in our area in February 1969. Our first crag rescue took place on August 1st 1970 on the steep exposed face of Mam Tor, above Castleton, whilst the Team was training in the area. The first aircraft crash attended by the Team (one of many over the years) took place on Saturday 29th October 1977 on Scout Moor, which involved a full MPMAP (Now the MPSRO) call out, co-ordinated by RAF MRT Stafford and Rossendale FRT, RPMRT as is now.