Incident 19/2006

At 12:47 Hrs, GMAS paged the Team for assistance on a moorland path leading to Jumbles Reservoir. A female had slipped on the path breaking her left ankle, the GMAS crew on scene requested assistance for access and for assistance with the evacuation of the casualty.

Bolton MRT & GMAS prepare to transfer the casualty to the Bell MR Stretcher.

The female casualty was transferred to a Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher and carried back to the waiting GMAS ambulance at the roadhead, for onward transportation to hospital.

Bolton MRT members carry the casualty, who is self administering Entonox (pain killing gas).

Transfer of the casualty from the Bell MR Stretcher to the GMAS crew.

14 Team members and 2 Team vehicles were involved and thanks were received from the GMAS crew and the Husband of the casualty for our help. A further 3 team members were stood down en-route to the incident.