Incident 20/2006

At 14.41 Hrs Lancashire Constabulary paged the Team on behalf of Lancashire Ambulance Service for assistance in the Rivington area. A full Team call out was instigated for an injured mountain biker within the Terraced Gardens area of Rivington.

Helimed 08 was also tasked to the incident and was first on scene, followed closely by 5 Team members. Helimed 08 Paramedics treated the casualty, who had jarred his shoulder whilst jumping across a 2m gap on his bike, when the bike landed the casualty then hit a tree.

The casualty was then transported down to the RVP with the land ambulance in a Team members 4×4 vehicle, for onward transportation to Chorley Hospital.

This incident marked the first time that we in the team have worked operationally with the new helicopter now in service with the North West Air Ambulance more familiar known to us as Helimed 08, see also write up on our website for our #article#1174#joint exercise with this new aircraft# in December 2005.