Article in Climb magazine

Readers of our website will recall that on Sunday 7th August 2005 (#article#923#Incident 73#) we rescued a very experienced teenage climber from Ousel Nest Quarry, Chapeltown, who had fallen from a climb sustaining back injuries.

We received afterwards many kind letters of thanks, emails, kind comments and generous donations from the climber himself, his father and family members.
In this month’s issue of “Climb Magazine”, actually dated February 2006, Iain Bisset the climber involved, has written a letter explaining from his unique viewpoint what actually happened that day, and kindly thanks ourselves and the GMAS emergency crew involved amongst others, for our role in providing appropriate casualty care, rescue and evacuation and subsequent hospital treatment that has enabled him to fully resume his climbing at a high standard.

The whole team wishes Iain well in his continuing climbing career, and also best wishes to his father, also a climber, who was with him on the day of his accident.