Incident 23/2006

At 13:24 the team was contacted directly by LAS Control, who already knew we were out and about in our team area, to respond to an incident at White Coppice. LAS Control was informed this area falls under the operational cover of our colleagues at Bowland Pennine MRT and LAS were requested to call BPMRT as well.

With White Coppice being adjacent to our team, area LAS requested we also respond. 9 team members in 4 team vehicles immediately responded, arriving on scene at 13:50. Helimed 08 had managed to land close to the 31 year old female casualty, who had slipped on the steep moorland track just above White Coppice quarry. An LAS emergency ambulance had also arrived on scene and was parked up near the cricket club.

At the incident site with Helimed 08 Paramedic

At incident site and the start of treatment

The casualty was treated for a suspected fractured ankle by the Helimed crew, at which point they were called to a high-priority incident, and requested that we stretcher evacuate the woman concerned down to the waiting ambulance. At this stage, responding Bowland Pennine MRT members had arrived at White Coppice and were stood down on scene. The woman was taken to Royal Preston Hospital by an LAS vehicle which left White Coppice at 14:24.

Stretcher carry down to the waiting ambulance

As team members were packing up from this incident they were contacted for the next incident.

As an update to this story we were contacted on 1st February by the partner of the woman involved in this incident who was with her at the time, to firstly thank us for our swift and professional response and to tell us the injuries his partner had actually sustained. It turns out that the woman broke her fibula which then impacted into the bones of her ankle, which had required an operation to pin the broken bones.
We wish the woman involved a speedy and full recovery to good health and walking on the local hills again as soon as possible.