Incident 24/2006

At 14:35, LAS Control contacted our Team Leader directly for assistance following reports of a lady with a leg injury on the moorland slopes at the rear of the Rivington Hall Barn, Rivington. The 9 members in 4 vehicles at White Coppice (see previous incident report) immediately responded, and a full group call was also paged out at 14:40.

Our Deputy Leader arrived first at the location and with keys held by the team, he was able to open gates which enabled the LAS vehicle to get close to the scene. Our 4 team vehicles arrived at 14:59 at the incident location at the South Lodge entrance to the Rivington Terraced Gardens, where a 56 year old woman out walking with her husband had slipped on an icy track (almost a duplicate of the previous incident!) and had fractured her left lower leg.

At the incident site and awaiting the transfer to our MR stretcher

Transfer to the waiting ambulance.

Casualty care and painkilling gas was supplied by the LAS crew, with our members providing a short stretcher carry for the lady, to the nearby LAS vehicle.