Incident 31/2006

Amidst growing concern and considerable press, TV, and radio coverage, search efforts to find the missing 11 year old recommenced early this morning. In consultation with the Police, the team was initially put on standby and then very quickly called back to the search along with our colleagues from the Rossendale & Pendle Mountain Rescue Team. 13 Bolton MRT team members and our search dog Chi responded straight away to the request and met up at the same search RVP as the previous incident.

BM3 arrives at the RVP with BMRT’s Control Trailer

Also attending were two fire appliances and their crews from Bury fire station, the GMFRS Water Incident Unit and pump appliance from Heywood fire station, and a number of off-duty firefighters. (The involvement of GMFRS came about through a Bury firefighter family link to the missing boy, and their ready willingness to join in the joint MRT & Police search operation). Again GMP provided multiple resources.

GMFRS Water Incident Unit, called to assist in the water element of the search.

TL Garry Rhodes in consultation with two GMP Missing Persons Search Managers

Shortly after our Team Leader arrived at the search RVP, the sad news came that the body of a child had been located in the Elton area of Bury, just off Ainsworth Road. All search efforts were then stood down with this incident now being subject to a criminal investigation.

It is understood that a 14 year old youth is being held in connection with the death of the 11 year old boy. Press reports indicate that the boy’s body was partially hidden in undergrowth on the edge of a public park.

The whole of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team is united in the tragedy of this sad search outcome and can do little more than lend its full condolences to the family and family friends of the young boy involved.