Incident 34/2006

At 14:03 today the Team Leader was contacted by LAS, who requested our assistance at an incident in Rivington. The team was initially asked to RV at the Rivington Lower Barn, to assist with a sledger who had injured her back.

The experience of local area knowledge suggested to the team members responding that there were no viable sledging spots in the Lower Barn area, and the team instead redirected itself to the vicinity of Great Hall Barn & Brere’s Meadow, a popular sledging spot in the Rivington area. Upon arriving at the revised RV point, the team took its 4 Landrover Ambulances to Brere’s Meadow and met up with the responding LAS crew and Police.

Team members and LAS personnel, prepare to load the casualty onto a Longboard.

The team asssisted the LAS staff (one of whom was an ex-team member), in placing the casualty onto a Longboard, and then onto a Bell mountain rescue stretcher for onward transport to the LAS ambulance, which was parked a few hundred metres away at the Great Hall Barn car park.

In all, 15 team members assisted on this incident, with another 3 team members stood down en route.