Trauma sacs come into service today

After an initial trial of an Aiguille Alpine trauma sac beginning in June last year, 6 specially designed trauma sacs (1 for each of our 4 vehicles, 1 for our Ladybridge Hall base as an in-use spare and 1 for the Control Trailer) have been brought into service today. The sacs bring together many existing items of our kit into one pack – including first aid kit, oxygen therapy, cervical collars, burns kit and casualty shelter. They will enable the Team to be more efficient in casualty care as well as giving more space in our vehicles.

These sacs have been funded by a grant of £1200 from Greater Manchester Police Authority ’Police Property Act Fund’.

The Team is very grateful to both the GMPA Police Property Act Fund for the #article#967# grant awarded to us#, and to Aiguille Alpine Equipment of Staveley, Kendal for providing the bespoke design sacs.