Annual General Meeting

Forty Team members, including Full Team members, Trainees & Probationers, & one member of our Support Group attended our AGM this evening and our Election of Council Officers. Proceedings were opened by our outgoing Chairman Tony McNally who besides standing down as Chairman at the meeting, a post he has held continuously from September 1992, also marked his retirement from the Call Out list membership at 64 years old after 14 years 11 months service to the Team.

Tony read out a report which reflected on the past history of the Team and his time as Chairman and also gave some thoughts to the future of the Team.

This was followed by our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes’ annual report which reflected on the trials and tribulations of the previous 12 months.

The final report presented was made by our outgoing Treasurer Mark Scott, who happily reported on the fantastically healthy state of our finances, which go from strength to strength.

Our election of Officers followed which saw Chris Moody, a Team member since 1995 elected for his first year of office as Chairman.

Our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes aged 48, was re-elected to the Team Leader post for the 18th consecutive year, with a similar re-election of Geoff Seddon aged 21+, Garry’s Deputy since 1992.

Amongst other Officers re-elected and newly elected to the Council was Team member of 5 years’ experience Neil Aspinall elected to the post of Equipment Officer (Vehicles).

With the retirement from the Team of Tony McNally and Ann Shaw, they were both elected as Life Vice Presidents of the Team.

All the Officer posts elected this year can be viewed under the Membership area of the website.

Particular thanks were noted to our auditors Howard, Matthews, Lloyd of Bolton who, as ever, gave us tremendous support in auditing our Team accounts.

At the end of the meeting with her retirement from the Team, after sixteen years and three months sterling service, Ann Shaw presented to the Team a fantastic gift and momento to give thanks for her wonderful time in the Team. This took the form of a Limited Edition Grivel Mont Blanc wooden shafted curved pick ice axe, numbered 10/100 production run. This fantastic gift is mounted, along with its certificate, in a beautiful wooden and glass case and has been hung, taking pride of place in our base.