Funeral of Joe Geeling

Today the Team was invited by the Geeling family to attend the funeral of their 11 year old son, Joe. The Team helped in the search for Joe when he went missing at the beginning of this month. Three Team members represented the Team, together with members of Greater Manchester Police & Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service, all of whom worked together on the night Joe went missing. The service for Joe was held at the Guardian Angels RC Church in Elton.

It was a very difficult and tearful service for all involved, and the church was full to capacity with many people standing. The adjoining parish centre was full, and the roads outside the church were lined with people paying their last respects to Joe, whilst hearing the service broadcast to the masses.

The words said during the service by Joe’s Sister Danielle, his Uncle, David & Father, Tom, certainly showed what a remarkable young lad Joe was and what a tragic loss this is.

The Team’s thanks are expressed to those members of the congregation, total strangers to us, who thanked us for what we did on the night Joe went missing. Our thoughts remain with the Geeling family and friends during this sad time.