Incident 61/2006

At 15:33 today the team was contacted by the Lancashire Constabulary regarding a request for assistance by Lancashire Ambulance Service. A woman had fallen whilst walking around the banks of Wayoh Reservoir, north of Bolton, and both ourselves and Helimed 08 had been called in to assist with the evacuation. Our first team member arrived on scene at 16:00, with the first team vehicle arriving at 16:10.

We met up with the LAS and Helimed crew already on scene and assisted them with the 200m uphill stretcher carry to the waiting helicopter, and then stood by to provide a cordon for the helicopter take-off – due to the Easter holidays the area was busier than normal.

Arriving on scene on this beautiful day on the banks of Wayoh reservoir

We were also assisted on this incident by a United Utilities employee in the area, and with the benefit of his access knowledge we were able to drive our team vehicle almost straight up to the incident site.