Body/body parts search & recovery exercise

Organised by Lancashire Constabulary on behalf of the Mountain Rescue Teams operating in Lancashire and in Greater Manchester, and endorsed by Greater Manchester Police, this excellent full day course was held at the Lancashire Constabulary Force Headquarters at Hutton, with practical sessions at their Mounted Branch premises.

The day concentrated on the latest national police systems for documenting and carrying out searches which include the search and recovery of body and body parts. Various topics were covered including the role of the (Police) Senior Investigating Officer, the expections of the Police in utilising MRT’s at major incidents, the role of the Crime Scene Investigator and the recovery of evidence, and the documentation systems in operation, all being followed by outdoor practical exercises.

Alongside nine Bolton MRT members, were team members from Bowland Pennine MRT, Oldham MRT and Rossendale and Pendle MRT, as well as specialist officers from Lancashire Constabulary.

We can’t imagine what they’re looking so pleased about….

All the MRT members who took part now have a much greater undrstanding of the need for thorough searching and documentation, the thinking processes behind certain Police actions and the Police role in such enquiries of this nature.
Thanks are expressed to Inspector Neil Sherry and Police Sergent Terry Considine of Lancashire Constabulary for organising the days’ excellent activities.