New member’s training day

Starting at 09.30 and lasting through until 17.30, the team held a full training day today with a two fold purpose.

Firstly to select from our existing four probationery members, those the team wishes to proceed onto Trainee Team Membership, and secondly as an invite to six people who had attended on the previous Wednesday evening, and from whom we wanted to select two to fill the teams existing Probationery Memebership vacancies.

As it was, four out of the six invited actually attended and joined in with our four existing probationary members to undertake a series of mini mountain rescue exercises, designed to give a taste of team membership along with some kit familiarity sessions and CPR/BLS awareness training.

A basic hurdle – get the casualty & stretcher over the boundary fence in one swift motion!

Slightly tricker – find your feet in a moorland stream whilst carrying the same stretcher

We are pleased to announce that arising from this day we have invited the following four members who were probationers to now become Trainee Team Members:

  • Terrance Carr aged 46, a Company Director
  • Laura Millichamp aged 25, a Pharmacist
  • Steve Williamson, a 26 year old Quantity Surveyor
  • Steven Nelson, a 42 year old Company Director

The whole team welcomes all four to their new grade of Trainee Team Member and wishes them well in their forthcoming one year long trainee team member period, prior to hopefully becoming full team members.

With regards to the four people attending who were all hoping for a place in the team, we have offered two of them places as Probationery Team Members and similarly wish them well with the team.

Of course, it’s not all work and no play in Bolton MRT – whilst all the prospective new members are (far too) eagerly slogging their guts out…. a quick peek around the corner reveals some strange antics…

Take a few team members “hanging around” on the new members day, give them a nearby puddle and straight away they invent the game of dunking the nearest team member (who was foolhardy enough to say “just try it!”).
Poor Alison Yates is the victim, whilst the dunkers Craig Lamb and Mark Parry wish to remain anonymous (yeah!) Watch your backs lads, she’ll get her own back!