Incident 76/2006

In a continuation of the previous evening’s search our team leader was contacted direct by GMP at 12:10 resulting in a standby for the team and then a callout for the team, this time to go to Ashley village, an area very close to the Rostherne Mere that was searched the previous evening.

The 27 Bolton MRT members attending (including two of our Support Group members) were joined by 17 of our colleagues of Cheshire Lowland Search & Rescue Team. During the day, GMP and BTP had continued with searches in the area. Newly identified areas based on possible sightings of the missing 61 year old local man were checked out by both teams assisted by two SARDA dogs from BPMRT and CVSRT.

Search Control on incident 76/2006, Ashley Village

The evening search commenced at 19:55 and as it went into the late evening a search party of Bolton team members led by our Deputy Team Leader unfortunately discovered a body, now confirmed as our missing man, in the river Bollin.

Team members went onto secure the scene as the SARDA and Cheshire LSAR element were stood down. The Bolton team was subsequently involved in initial assistance with the Police investigation and the recovery of the body from the river up the steep river bank.

The team finally left the area at 02:30 in the morning of Friday 12th May, finally getting to bed at 03:15.

During this second evening of searching the team provided in liaison with GMP full search control and also provided catering facilities for the 50 search & rescue and Police personnel involved. During both days of the search members of the community and close family friends and community friends of the missing person visited search control on many occasions. The team’s heartfelt condolences are offered to the missing man’s wife, and immediate family and friends.

This article appeared on the BBC News Online website, covering the story.