Incident 77/2006

At 19:31, GMAS contacted the team with regards to assistance for a 47 year old woman who, whilst out with her husband, walking their dog, had fallen on the muddy sides of a small wooded stream valley in the vicinity of Oakleigh Avenue and Bishops Road, Great Lever. At 19:38 a full team page was made, with 4 vehicles responding.

Our Team Leader was first on scene at 19:50 and rapidly made contact with the incident site, where a GMAS crew from Bolton South Ambulance Station had administered painkilling drugs and gas to the casualty with 3 police officers also in attendance. Local young children did a fantastic job guiding in our incoming vehicles, and then personnel to the scene. The injured woman, whose husband had stayed by her side, was quickly stretcher evacuated on our Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher up the steep muddy stream side and the short distance across field to the waiting ambulance.

The casualty site in Great Lever, Bolton

Again, local children were very helpful carrying minor kit items used by the ambulance and ourselves back to the vehicles at the roadhead. At approximately 20:15, the woman was placed in the GMAS ambulance for onward transfer to Royal Bolton Hospital, which was only a short distance away. The woman had sustained a very serious open fracture of her lower left leg, and all the team members wish her well on the way to a speedy recovery.

In total, 27 team members responded to this incident, inclusive of 8 being stood down responding, and one stood down on scene. A GMAS rapid response vehicle also attended this incident, arriving at the incident conclusion.

This represents our 51st incident of the year specifically at the request of GMAS and as with all other incidents attended for GMAS, illustrates the excellent joint working and assistance we now very regularly provide to GMAS.