Book Sale – Rivington

With grateful thanks to Salmons Caterers Limited, the team today held a second hand book sale at Rivington Hall Barn. The team has been collecting second hand books (excellent quality only, generally read the once from purchase) for a while now, mostly donated by our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes, now ex team member Claire Morrissey, Team Catering Officer Chris Tennant and Training Officer Fred Taylor amongst others.

With valued help from Support Group member Gillian Gregory, and combined with impromptu donations from the masses of motorcyclists and other visitors who flock to the Barn, we made the fantastic sum of £74.89
New team member Steve Nelson had also donated some England car aerial balls, for which donations (included in the above figure) were invited.
In addition we discovered that the box inviting donations alongside where these books are stored at our Ladybridge base contained £21.06 in donations, from team members and GMAS staff using our building.
so at the end of the day we were richer by £95.95.