2nd trip to Fleetwood lifeboat station

This evening the second group of team members travelled to enjoy the hospitality of RNLI Fleetwood Lifeboat station enjoyed somewhat calmer conditions than those who visited last week. In fact this week our members who ventured out in the RIB and on board the relief Tyne class Lifeboat in current use barely got wet at all (and, unlike last week’s group all manged to return to shore with their stomach contents intact!)

Team member John Harold looks more than slightly worried whilst Training Officer Fred Taylor tinkers with the engine on the RIB – trying to get it to work!

… the Deputy Team Leader also looks more than a little worried with Fred’s progress…

… suddenly the RIB springs into life – the passengers all hold on tight and dissapear into the sunset. Will we ever see them again? Only time will tell!

The IT training suite at Fleetwood is still impressing our members, along with the fact that Lifeboat crews do not have to walk to their casualties!
Yet again we are extremely grateful for the friendship and ready liaison shown to us by all at RNLI Fleetwood.

Our Training Officer Fred Taylor now has the task of organising an exercise(s) in our team moorland area for visitors from RNLI Fleetwood, who have already commented on the fact that walking to a casualty (albeit a make believe one on the exercise) will be a new experience for them. Well we cannot get them as wet (probably) as our first group got, but we can introduce them to the dubious delights of summer nights on the moors plagued by midges !