Provincial Insurance Company Trust For Bolton

We ae reporting this donation a little late as we received the donation in May, but with members holidays etc., we are reporting it now.

Tony McNally when he was Team Chairman, (he is now an Honorary Vice President for Life) applied to the Provincial Insurance Company Trust For Bolton for grant assistance to the team with regards to our wish to purchase a shelter tent for our Control / Catering set up, as a briefing, messing and shelter facility for team members on search operations and other team activities.

Set aside what will be a relatively expensive item to buy is an already large sum of money, all donated in the memory of Mr Sunter, a local canoeist who drowned in a canoe accident, but the intended purchase will exceed this. This is where the Provincial Insurance Company Trust For Bolton has been extremely generous in awarding us a grant for £1,000.00.

The PICTFB has supported the team on previous occasions, and their continued help is very much appreciated by the team. We are now investigating various types of robust shelters available on the market for Emergency Services use, and with this very kind grant donation from PICTFB we have a much wider range of shelters now available to us for investigation and purchase.