Incident 79/2006

At 19:55 this evening, the team was contacted to assist GMAS at an incident on the slopes of Holcombe Moor near Bury. A 65 year old male had slipped and taken a tumble on steep ground above Redisher Woods, sustaining injuries to his arm and ribs.

Team members Mike Marsh & DTL Geoff Seddon, decide the best course of MR action

The first team members arrived at the RV point by 20:22, with the first team vehicles arriving at 20:30. After speaking with the GMAS crew on scene, the decision was made to call in Air Support in the form of the Lancashire Constabulary helicopter, ON99.

Team members load the caualty into ON99

The casualty was carried by team members on a mountain rescue stretcher to a landing zone above the woods. ON99 landed on scene at 21:16 and transported the casualty to the Army’s nearby Holcombe Moor Camp and Training Area – much to the surprise of the cadets who were camping that weekend!

Team members transfer the casualty to the waiting GMAS ambulance from ON99

The casualty was then transferred into a GMAS ambulance for onward transport to hospital, with the incident concluded at 22:11.