Donation from Jim & Julie Smale

We received today a very kind letter of thanks and two donations to the team from Mr. Jim and Mrs. Julie Smale, following the accident to Jim on the slopes of Holcombe Moor on Friday 9th June (see incident 79/2006).

The letter kindly states “we don’t know how to thank you all for the wonderful job that you did on Friday evening, you were all fantastic and we can’t imagine what we would have done without you.”

The letter went on to explain that Jim spent the whole weekend on hospital but is now home and recovering well. Two very kind donations were made, one for £200, towards the Team’s general funds, and one donation of £50, specifically for team members to have a drink on Jim & Julie Smale, when next we are socialising. The whole team thanks Jim & Julie for such a kind, thoughtful comments and such a large and wonderful donation.

We wish Jim a continuing speedy & full recovery back to good health and to walking once more on the moors.