Provision of Standby Rescue Cover to the Horwich Carnival Races

Today the team played a prominent part in the Horwich Carnival Race Series, which has been held for the last 5 years in the town centre of Horwich and includes road running, and road cycling events attracting an excellent field of high standard and national standard entrants, and comprises many races throughout the day.

The crowds gather before the weather takes a turn for the worse, to see the carnival procession through the streets of Horwich town centre

38 team members in total were involved in 4 team vehicles, and 3 other vehicles equipped specially for the day.

Despite the recent warm spell, cold weather and rain featured throughout today which unfortunately led to rather modest crowds, nonetheless the day was judged a hugh success by the organisers, entrants, and ourselves.

A determined young runner looks set to overtake team member Jonathan Holt in the Fun Run

The road cyclists reached speeds of around 40 mph – and they required our services on one occassion!

The team dealt with one incident during the day, see #article#1331#incident report 95/2006.#