Donation in relation to incident 97/2006

During the GMAS Peak Demand assistance tonight, the crew of BM2 (one of the team’s 3 Landrover ambulances on duty that night) was despatched to a nursing home in Breightmet, in order to transport a resident there to a ward at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

The family of the man followed behind us in their own car and journeyed up through the hospital to ward D1, where we handed over to the nursing staff. As we were making our way to the ward, the family asked about our fundraising activities and how we came to be involved with the Ambulance service on this night.

After we had assisted the nursing staff with the transfer of the casualty into a ward bed, one of the man’s daughters presented us with a £10 donation towards team funds, in respect of the consideration that we had shown to her father.

The team is very grateful for the kind consideration of the family, and it was quite a pleasant surprise for the team members present.