Incidents 99-104/2006

Continuing in the series of pre-planned assistance to GMAS in projected Peak Demand periods as a result of the World Cup, the team today was called out immediately after the England-Portugal match, to directly assist GMAS in a deluge of 999 calls that were being made on GMAS’s services.

Our colleagues in Oldham MRT, and St. John Ambulance Brigade were also called to directly assist. 11 team members and three vehicles were made available, dealing with 6 incidents commencing at 20:07 with the first, and the last call coming in at 23:14. Of the six calls, most were the highest category ’Code Red’ responses, to various injuries in the Bolton, Horwich and Wigan areas.

The sight of GMP TAU on the streets of Bolton after England’s defeat, meets the crew of a BMRT vehicle

In amongst these calls was a somewhat unusual urban rescue call from a GMAS crew on scene at a residential address in Bolton, where a 47 year old woman had fallen off a trampoline, sited in the rear garden of a property, sustaining serious multiple arm fractures and a possible dislocated shoulder. Because of the situation of the woman involved, and her injuries, the services of the team with a Mountain Rescue stretcher were required to evacuate the woman from the rear garden to the waiting GMAS ambulance, parked immediately at the front of the house. This incident, although short in nature, required the services of 10 team members on scene and illustrates how our specialist equipment can be utilised very speedily at the request of GMAS for certain casualty evacuation circumstances.

MR Stretcher being unloaded for the above incident