Incidents 105-108/2006

In a continuation into the early hours of the morning from the previous set of incidents (99-104), the team dealt with a further 4 incidents in direct assistance of GMAS, three being in the Wigan area, and one in the Bolton area. The first call came to the team at 00:18, the last call came to the team at 02:42.

To illustrate how busy things were for GMAS, their Control, in a one hour period after midnight reportedly received as many calls in this period as they would normally receive in a full 24 hour period.

The last incident of the night attended by the team was to a very serious Road Traffic Collision incident in the Wigan area, involving three casualties in total, two of whom had sustained very serious, multiple injuries from which one casualty later died in Hospital.

One of our two vehicles which responded was the first emergency vehicle on scene, being very quickly joined by a large multi-agency response, which included 3 Paramedic Emergency Ambulances, a Paramedic Response Vehicle, a GMAS Officer, two GMFRS Fire Appliances from Wigan (and a station commander), and various GMP resources. The team members on scene carried out initial casualty assessment and casualty care including initial CPR up to handover to the responding GMAS resources.

For the eleven team members in total (including our Control staff), the night finally ended with them getting to bed at 05:30 in the morning.

The team is pleased to support GMAS in such Peak Demand periods when the skills, resources and equipment of the team can be utilised in direct support of the greater community the team lives and works in.

In return, the assistance of the team to GMAS is always much appreciated and commented upon by all GMAS staff including senior management, Paramedic Emergency Control staff, and the crews ’on the ground’, who we so readily assist whenever our services are requested.