Donations received in the memory of Reverend Michael Robinson

Back in mid May this year we were engaged in a search operation for the Reverend Michael Robinson who had gone missing in the North Cheshire area.
Over two nights we searched over a wide area for the Rev. Robinson sadly culminating in the discovery of his body by a Bolton MRT search party.
Today we received the astounding figure of a total of £2650.00 made up of many donations to the team all in the memory of the late Reverend Michael John Robinson B.A.

This is a huge amount and truly represents the esteem and standing that the Rev. Robinson held amongst his congregation, family and many friends.
We in turn are humbled that so many should donate money in his memory towards the work we in the team carry out.

Our thoughts, as ever, are with his wife and children, his many friends, colleagues and church goers.

We hope the sadness of his passing is gently being eased by the passage of time.