Incident 111/2006

In a GMP planned continuation of incident 110/2006, the search continued based in the Wigan area for the missing 36 year old man who was last seen on May 8th in the vicinity of the search area.

The search commenced with a 18:30 rendezvous at the JJB Soccer Dome stadium car park in Wigan.

Bolton MRT Members being briefed.

36 Bolton MRT members took part alongside 13 of our colleagues from Cheshire Lowland Search and Rescue Team and 19 of our colleagues from Rossendale and Pendle Mountain Rescue Team.

The 68 civilian search assets were joined by a senior GMP officer from the search unit, two GMP search managers, other GMP officers, and 28 GMP Probationer Officers.

Working to GMP pre-planned search areas, Bolton MRT once again in liaison with two GMP search managers coordinated and controlled the search and rescue teams in the field.

Bolton MRT also had its catering trailer on hand to provide hot and cold drinks backing up the once more excellent food bags provided by GMP.

The Control Point

Civilian search teams were sent into specific search areas continuing on from what had been tasked on Saturday, with the 28 GMP Probationer Officers split into the four main search parties consisting of the three MRT and SRT teams. Searching commenced at 19:15, completing at 22:30 with a through debrief session then taking place with all search parties.

The search RVP was closed at 23:45 with all search teams returning to their home locations, (RPMRT to their Haslingden base, and Cheshire team members to their various home location in the greater Cheshire area.)

Police enquiries are continuing into the disappearance of this man with further lines of enquiry taking place.

This search has been the first search of this nature for quite a while for the Bolton team, particularly as the man concerned went missing over two months ago. Besides the numbers deployed on the actual search from Bolton team, there has been a considerable amount of pre-planning and preparation work carried out within the Bolton team into this two day (to date) search operation, particularly by our Team Leader and our Catering Officer.

This search has highlighted the very close and smooth joint integration of our team with our colleagues in RPMRT and Cheshire LSART. It has also illustrated the excellent working relationship this team has with Greater Manchester Police and particularly the Search Managers and officers within the search unit.

It should be noted that the 19 RPMRT members who took part in this search came to the search immediately following a callout of their own in their team area, which took place late in the afternoon, so it was a very long day for them!