Pete McKale leaves the Team

Team member Peter McKale, who joined the team on 19th June 2003, has sadly left the team to once more devote more time to his Kayaking interests. Peter, an Ambulance Emergency Technician with GMAS joined the team initially after calling us out a few times in his GMAS road staff role and through his kayak links with fellow kayakers who were in the team at the time he joined.
Peter has been a great help with our Casualty Care training, and has passed on a considerable amount of advice to us all based on his operational experience with GMAS.

Peter was also in office as the teams Honorary Secretary, a post he carried out well alongside being our lectures coordinator,
Peter was also a member of the Teams Kayak Search Unit, and only recently whilst engaged on a search operation for a missing person, located the missing persons body in a local reservoir whilst conducting a kayak search as part of our wider search operation.

Peters humour and help will be greatly missed in the team, but he has promised to return to help with our Casualty Care Course in October, and also to provide us with the occasional call out whilst he’s out with GMAS !

All the best Peter from your colleagues in the team.