Base equipment donations

Something we have not recorded until now has been the donation of two paper shredders to the team. The team prints and circulates a huge amount of information, some of which contains sensitive information given the nature of our business and operations. As a result we have a policy of shredding unwanted information, and such is the amount going into our base shredder the poor things on its last legs.

New Team member Steve Nelson came to the rescue with the donation of a second hand shredder, closely followed by another new team member Terrence Carr, who kindly donated a brand new large capacity cross cut shredder. so there we have it two shredders standing by for when ’old faithful’ finally shreds its last ! Web masters note – not sure if old faithful is the shredder or Garry !!

Its important to recognise that donations of this nature are often just as important as frontline emergency kit, it all helps maintain the full professionalism of the team.