GMAS assistance duties

Immediately following on from #article#1361#incident 115/2006#, NWAS (Greater Manchester locality) requested the team go to standby to directly assist GMAS with a peak demand situation. This had occured following a serious fire at the Merseyside regional ambulance control room earlier that day, with 999 calls for the Merseyside region being passed to the Greater Manchester control room and understandably this was having a knock-on affect. As part of pre-planned contingency procedures, St. John Ambulance Brigade were put on standby, followed by ourselves at 20:30 in the evening.

In the event, the services of the 4 team vehicles crewed by 11 team members (with two more in reserve at base) and our three control staff were not needed and the team was stood down at 23:15.

This has not been reported as an incident nor does it feature in our incident listings.