Bolton Town Centre collection

Every year with kind permission from Bolton MBC, the team holds a Bolton Town Centre collection day, at which team vehicles and their equipment are available for inspection by members of the public and team members are on hand to answer the many questions.

The main reason of the day is of course to collect for the team from the many members of the public who shop and frequent Bolton Town Centre.

Commencing at 08:30 this morning and finishing at around 17:30, 23 team members were out collecting, along with one reserve member, and very valuable help from 5 members of our Support Group and two general supporters of the team.

In total the team had 31 collectors over the course of the day in Bolton Town Centre, and thanks to the extremely generous nature of those who supported the team, we are pleased to announce that a total of £756.50 was collected.

Concurrent with our collection in the town centre was a promotional campaign for the new drink Coca-Cola Zero, and with the usual team cheek and thanks to the generosity of the drinks promoters, 120 cans of this drink were donated on the spot to the rescue team.