BBC Bristol interest in filming the team

The BBC Bristol “Flog It!” television programme (BBC 2 antiques series) approached the team recently with a view to the team being featured as an insert film into the series which is due to be based in the Bolton area for one of its programmes.

This involved a member of the “Flog It” programme, Marc Barrett journeying from Bristol to visit the team today.

Marc carried out a number of interviews with team members primarily our Team Leader Garry Rhodes (25 years experience in the team), our Deputy Leader Geoff Seddon (37 years experience), and Alan “The General” James, a founder team member who is still a full operational member who first joined Rossendale Fell Rescue Team in 1967, and went on to become one of our founder members when the team formed in 1968.

Marc also carried out some test filming of the team which will now be used to go before the Directors of “Flog It”, to decide whether we are of sufficient interest (we think we are!) to feature in the programme.

Unfortunately it appears the programme’s filming schedule in early September comes at a time when a lot of our membership will be on holiday so it is likely we will miss this round of featuring in “Flog It”, and may be filmed in 6 months time for the next series which will also feature a programme on Bolton.