Belthorn Village Fete

Five team members travelled to Belthorn Village Fete for a display of team equipment and to answer questions from visitors to the event. Our attendance was partly a way of saying thank you to two of the event organisers, Jim and his wife, who have raised tremendous amounts of money for the team through their charity fundraising activities.

Team members enjoying the displays and the weather.

Also present were the Fire Service with an appliance, and a Police Officer with a liveried Landrover. The weather was perfect and a lot of fun was had by visitors (especially the children) and team members alike. There was a good level of interest in the team and its equipment from old and young, the digital blood pressure meter being a particular favourite for some reason. Lots of children had rides round the field on the Bell stretcher, and many took a turn at helping to carry it.

Bolton MRT Day Care Centre

Later on a very popular game involved starpping children into the Bell stretcher and then, to demonstrate how secure this is, up-ending and even inverting the stretcher. Queues formed for this activity!

Gyles Denn demostrates how secure you are in a Bell Mountain Rescue stretcher.

All-in-all this was an enjoyable day which also served to let people know about the team and its capabilities