Further donations regarding the Rev. Michael Robinson

In May this year we were involved in the search for the Reverend Michael Robinson, in the South Manchester/North Cheshire area which had a sad and unfortunate outcome with the discovery of his body (by team members) on the second day of our involvement.

During the search a great many local people from his Church, friends and family joined in the search alongside ourselves and other specialist search resources.
On the first night of our involvement, the team established a search control and RVP on the cricket ground in Ashley village, with members of the cricket club kindly opening up their club house toilets for us and also putting up with damage to their cricket out field caused by our vehicles being parked up on the grass.

All involved from the local area went to great lengths to personally thank our members that night for journeying to the area and putting all efforts into trying to find a valued and well regarded member of their local community.
Since the sad outcome to the search we have received many donations to the memory of the Reverend Michael Robinson, from his family and many friends and from Greater Manchester Police.

Today we received another very kind donation, this time for £151.46, which was ” raised in recognition of the search and rescue efforts by Bolton Mountain Rescue involved in the search for the Rev. Michael Robinson.”
The donation comes from a charity cricket match in the village of Ashley, held on Saturday 10th September, the same cricket pitch and club area where we set up our search control mentioned above.

The team is extremely grateful to all who took part in this charity cricket match to raise funds for our team, and to the memory of the Reverend Michael Robinson.

The team has now received some £3,151.46 following our involvement in this search operation and we are looking into the purchase of an equipment item that we can dedicate to the memory of the Reverend Michael Robinson.