Support from Marshalls PLC

Today the team collected 45 copies of the newly printed (and only published today) 2nd Edition of the completely revised “Casualty Care in Mountain Rescue”, which was officially launched at the UK Mountain Rescue Conference 2006. This excellent casualty care reference book – especially dealing with carrying out such in a moorland/mountain environment – was first published in August 2000, and the editors are to be congratulated on this new edition.

The £450.00 purchase price of the 45 copies, which will be distributed to every call-out list member in the team, was met entirely by the extremely generous support and sponsorship of Marshalls PLC, the leading UK building materials, highway construction and surfacing products company.

Marshalls PLC have kindly supported the team in the past, not only with donations, they have also allowed access to their quarries to enable the team to carry out our in house, off road vehicle driver training sessions.

The involvement of Bolton MRT call out list member Dave Sarti, who arranged the very kind sponsorship which allowed us to purchase these books, is acknowledged by the team.