With thanks to the very kind and generous sponsorship of Marshalls Limited this evening every team member on our Call Out list membership received a copy of the very latest 2nd Edition Casualty Care in Mountain Rescue handbook, as commisioned by the Mountain Rescue Council, with 45x copies having been purchased for a total cost of £450.00 with thanks to Marshalls Limited.
In a seperate purchase, this time totally from team funds, every member also received a copy of the very latest publication, A Teaching Media fro Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Students Notes handbook, with 45x copies having been purchased at a total cost of £450.00.

This students handbook covers the syllabus of the Mountain Rescue England and Wales Casualty Care Certificate Course, a course which has been running in Mountain Rescue now for a great many years and subject to continual improvement.Accompanying the Students handbook is a CD Teaching Aid and Instructors notes pack, two copies of which have also been purchased by the team at a total cost of £136.00.

Both the Students notes and the Teaching pack have been developed and produced by our colleagues in the North East of Englands regional mountain Rescue body, namely the North East Search and Rescue Association ( NESRA ) and more specifically NESRAs Mediacl Sub-Committee.

All of these publications and teaching aids will be of use within the team as every three years the team organises a Mountain Rescue Casualty Care Course ( we have to undertake this course and pass the rigerous multiple examinations every three years regardless of previous attendances or passes, happily we have an unbroken 100% successful pass rate, with all our team members having to attend and take the course. Our next course takes place in mid October, and is an interim course as some of our members were not in the team when we last organised this course and we are trying to establish a common Casualty Care knowledge and standard within the team.